“Maybe we need to look at this world less like a sqaure and more like a circle ”.


Tahiry Cumbicus is an Ecuadorian graphic designer and illustrator from the NJ/NY region whose focus on intersecting emotive qualities, conceptual thinking, and problem solving in the world of design. She has an advance art education, studying both visual art and graphic design through out high school and in university. She applies those skills in her work. Her crearive approach is based on self identity, imagination, news outlets, music, nostagia, artbooks, movies, and observing her surroundings. 

Brand Identity, Data Visualization, Web Design, Print Matter & Digital Collaterial

• Express Newark - Residency Partner
• ACM: Senior Capstone Exhibition 2020
• Scarlet Magazin - Summer 2020
• Pan(*)cha Zine : Love Zine Edition
• Matchbox Zine: December/February
· M.O.H.E.
· VDAY Collection
· Visualizing Equitable Growth
· Neo Flower Power
· Cyanotypes
· Reduction I, II, III
· The Retrospectives Series
· Experimental Zine
· NO NAME CLUB (coming soon)

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Illustration - Digital Art

Line Drawing

A series of musicians that I find entertaining (obviously, not everyone) and draw on top of it based on the aura of the music. I find music to have flows and shapes and I believe that line drawings can capture that same fluidy and different shapes for each artist. 

The artists included are Joni Mitchell, JOJI, Amy Winehouse, Little Richard, and Mama Thortan.